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2023 NPC Oregon Open - July 1 2023

Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Tim O'Malley
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Aaron Orton
Open & Masters Figure: Jasmin Cardenas

Classic Physique: Daesean Williams

Womens Physique: Kayla Finch

Masters Classic Physique: Juan Ramirez
Open & Masters Bikini: Melissa Monsef
Mens Physique: Justin Son
Masters Physique: Shamim Zare
Open Wellness: Camille Ireland-Esquivel


2022 NPC Oregon Open - July 2, 2022

Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Cody Schwietert 
Masters Mens Bodybuilding:  Christopher Lovell 
Open Figure: Madeline McConnell 
Masters Figure: Kristin Molina 

Classic Physique: Zachary Belknap

Womens Physique: Carlee Olivera

Masters Classic Physique: Kai Ginoza 
Open Bikini: Tori Tooze 
Masters Bikini: Michelle Slaughter 
Mens Physique: Devon Grogans 
Masters Physique: Henry Rios 
Open Wellness: Tori Tooze 


2021 NPC Oregon Open - July 3, 2021

Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Ryan Foster
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Mike Davis
Open Figure: Ivana Jungic
Masters Figure: Ivana Jungic

Classic Physique: Shawn Turner
Open Bikini: Jasmine Green
Masters Bikini: Jasmine Green
Mens Physique: Victor Fong
Masters Physique: Victor Fong
Open Wellness: Jennifer Ripple 


2019 NPC Oregon Open July 13, 2019

Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Maurice Pollock
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Joe LaRoche 
Open Figure: Emmy Camino 
Masters Figure: Emmy Camino

Classic Physique: Addison Alexander 
Masters Classic Physique: David Parson 
Open Bikini: Ashley Vela
Masters Bikini: Shalisa Beck
Womens Physique: Bonnie Bundy 
Mens Physique: Jamyang Tsering 
Masters Physique: Monte Burch  

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